Elaine Powers August 28, 2023

2023-10-12 | 16:39:11

"We were packing our truck to take our daughter to college on Thursday afternoon, when suddenly we lost water pressure. No water at all. Faced with having to be on the road in 30 mins we made a call to Olsen, hoping we'd not be without water all weekend and into the next week. They called back right away and sent someone out later that afternoon while we were gone. Diagnosis, we needed a new well pump. They took care of it the next day for us and finished a couple hours before we got back. We can't say enough about how awesome they were to work with and how they went above and beyond what we expected. They did an excellent job communicating and getting the work done for us while we were out of town. We put a ton of trust in them and they didn't let us down."
Jonathan Isbell June 28, 2022

Jonathan Isbell

"Last night my home suddenly lost all water pressure. I called Olsen Well drilling this morning around 8:30 and they had Adam at my house by noon. Adam went right to work evaluating my problem. Within fifteen minutes he replaced a control box and tested the system. We were back up and running that quickly. Adam then took the time to explain to me my homes well pump system and things to be on the lookout for. Adam was polite and prefessional and a great representation of Olsen Well Drilling. The price was completely reasonable for a home service call and repair which included parts. If I need this service again in the future, Olsen will be my first call. Thanks again Adam for your help today!"
thomas marlow November 19, 2021

thomas marlow

""Great service. Came right out and checked my system. THANK YOU!""
Beverly Terry November 11, 2021

Beverly Terry

"I called Olsen Well Drilling & Pump to see if they would service homes in SW Washington. I've had a problem with metal in my water for several years and while some of the well companies in Vancouver have temporarily helped the situation, none of them have been able to diagnose the actual problem. I have replaced my pipes, well pump, pipes down to the pump and installed a filter system. Still getting metal through the house. When I called Olsen I was told that they are not licensed in Washington and couldn't service us, but he still spent a good amount of time on the phone trying to help me troubleshoot what the problem might be. Any company who takes the time to assist people without any chance of getting business out of it gets gold stars from me. Way to go, guys! I wish you could come across the river. Great customer service!"
Lori Larsen June 14, 2021

Lori Larsen

"The day after we called, Adam and his team came out to give us an estimate....Two days later he had our new well pump installed, and the final price was very reasonable. Excellent service! Highly recommend!"
Peter Day June 9, 2020

Peter Day

"These guys are awesome! They just saved me from spending $1,700 on equipment that I didn’t know I didn’t need."